The three year old is ready for a higher level of challenge as they soak up everything they need to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.  Using developmentally appropriate strategies and instructional material designed to develop and instill social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills necessary to succeed at the next level.  Some of the skills learned during this period include recognizing letter names, and beginning to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Our teachers provide a comfortable, encouraging environment so children can deepen knowledge, free from the fear of mistakes and failures.

Children are introduced to developmentally appropriate, theme-based concepts through fun and exciting group and individual experiences. Our rich classroom environment and developmentally appropriate experiences allow children to learn as they develop self confidence and establish friendships. Children are encouraged to explore all aspects of the classroom ~ growing and learning with both repetitive and new experiences.

At Terrific Kids:

  • Emphasis is placed on social interaction and emotional growth. Children learn to follow directions and take turns. They are given lots of opportunities to make decisions and encouraged to make good choices.
  • Circle Times help children learn how to function in a group setting ~ that there is a time to talk and a time to listen, how to share their ideas, and how to learn from each other.
  • Large group, small group, and individual activities provide a variety of experiences to enhance growth and development in all areas
  • Daily language and literacy experiences support growth in language development and vocabulary.
  • Children are introduced to letters and sounds. They learn there are different letters of the alphabet, they each have a different shape and make different sounds, and when you put them together in different ways they form words.
  • Math skills are developed with hands-on experiences, as children work on counting, sorting, comparing, classifying, and measuring.
  • Fine motor skills are strengthened through the use of manipulatives, play dough, creative table play, sensory tub materials, and a variety of art experiences.
  • Art is enjoyed as children are exposed to both teacher directed projects and independent exploration of art materials.
  • Special daily and weekly themes or seasonal activities provide variety and excitement.
  • Individual Portfolios and Assessments collect each child’s work and monitor progress.

Our emergent reading program helps children develop the pre-reading skills they will need to become successful and enthusiastic readers. Through the use of big books, CDs and DVDs with animated voices, and class discussions, the children discover letters, sounds, and words, as they explore. This program introduces children to the names, shapes, and sounds of letters. The appealing story format and continuously developing adventure provide excellent opportunities for lively group discussions that help children develop their comprehension skills, including recollection of events, description, sequence, cause and effect, and interpretation of motive.

This program exposes children to other important concepts, including directionality and position, color identification, name and character recognition, patterns, shapes, letter discrimination, alphabetical order, function of letters, and left-to-right eye movement.

Preschoolers are exposed to curriculum and socialization that provides them the opportunities to develop and grow at their own pace. They develop the social skills and self-confidence that makes the next step to Pre-Kindergarten exciting.