Toddler 2’s Program

Terrific twos are always busy exploring and discovering the world around them!

Between 30 and 36 months children become inventors, problem solvers, discovers and dreamers.  They learn about their surroundings as they ask lots of questions; take things apart and put them back together.  We will give them the tools and guidance to encourage growth and independence.

At Terrific Kids:

  • Socialization skills (Group & self-directed activities)
    • Learn appropriate ways to communicate and interact with other children and adults.
    • Helps children establish relationships and start to build friendships
    • Develop their socialization skills
    • Develop their independence as they master self help skills
  • Language development (is incorporated into all aspects of their day)
    • Children are encouraged to use their words, with teachers assisting them as needed
    • Children participate in group activities and interact with other two year old
    • Learn how to socialize, share, listen, communicate, and follow routines
    • Songs, poems, and finger plays further develop language skills and assist children with memorization skills.
  • Toilet Training
    • Teachers and parents work together to decide the right time for children to begin toilet training.
  • Story Time
    • Build their vocabulary
    • Begin to place meaning with the pictures.
    • Teachers ask questions and expand on children’s answers.
    • Teachers encourage children to ask questions.
  • Math skills
    • Sort items by color
    • Start to count
    • Begin to identify shapes
    • Build reasoning skills.
  • Fine motor skills/Art (developed and strengthened)
    • Cut
    • Color
    • Glue
    • Work with various textures and media.
  • Music
    • Sing songs
    • Move with the beats and rhythm
    • Explore making sounds with musical tools.